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Major pro-independence organisation ANC (Catalan National Assembly) has called for a gathering at 6pm this Tuesday afternoon near the Catalan Parliament. They call the public to support the Catalan government and Parliament and to defend a potential declaration of independence, which they see as the only way out. The rally will coincide with the planned appearance before the Parliament of Catalan president Carles Puigdemont.

The Parliament's Board of Spokespeople set Puigdemont's appearance for 6pm. This was at his own request, as he wants to inform the chamber on the current political situation.

A day before Puigdemont's appearance, the ANC has sent an email in which its president, Jordi Sànchez, predicts that this week Catalans will hear "more lies, more threats, more rumours and poisoning" to make them feel alone and more voices asking them what they're expecting to happen after the 1st October referendum.

According to Sànchez, these voices have to be reminded that "the Catalan people have spoken and have said 'yes' to independence, that there have been many Catalan requests for international dialogue and all have hit up against the intransigence of the [Spanish] state".

"The exorbitant sanctions and the requests for imprisonment, as well as the repression of our political liberty, make the declaration of independence the only solution," he adds.

As such he asks that, whatever the central government does, that they only reply with civility and the courage of those that want to construct a fair and fair Catalonia, erected on foundations of democracy and peace."

"Determination, dignity and civility to advance alongside our institutions!" he writes before calling for peaceful, large-scale mobilisations for the freedom of the Catalans.

In his opinion, last week was victorious democratically and decisive for reaching independence, believing that the movement has won the recognition of international public opinion and that there are many important international voices critical of the Spanish government "for their stagnation and the use of repression".

He also said that the credibility of the Catalan institutions in the journey towards an independent republic is so high that the Spanish government "has played its last card forcing large companies to move their registered offices out of Catalonia for intimidation".