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The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, has been enjoying one of her city's best-known neighbourhood celebrations: the Festes de GràciaFriday was her first day back at the office grind after summer holidays, and she held a press conference about the law and order problems which the city is currently experiencing. She also had time to visit a fashionable bar in Gràcia and get fully immersed in the festive spirit of this city district. To the rhythm of Barcelona band Casa Azul's song La Revolución Sexual, she laughed, danced and generally let her hair down.

As the (translated) lyrics go: "Just stop it, don't try and fool me! Just stop it, who you fooling? Because it's going to happen, the summer of love, I know it's going to happen, the sexual revolution." Here's the moment:

Customers at the bar were able to capture their municipal leader's style from all angles and it was clear that the mayor was fully integrated into an ambiance which recalled one of her old campaign slogans, Ada is in da house.

After her activities yesterday in Gràcia, this Saturday morning the Barcelona mayor took part in the homage to the victims of the 2017 Barcelona and Cambrils terrorist attacks.