With Barcelona's Mobile World Congress 2023 quickly approaching, it is valuable to learn the schedule of the Barcelona metro as well as how to best navigate public transport and other means of transportation to arrive at the venue. The MWC 2023 - or as Barcelona people call it simply, the 'Mobile' - is an annual international event in the Catalan capital that brings together much of the global tech industry for a chance to network and inspire change. So that you don't miss any important speakers or panels, follow this guide explaining the easiest and quickest ways to get to the MWC 2023 in Barcelona by metro, bus and other means of public transport.

MWC 2023 free public transport pass

Public transport is recommended as the most convenient and cheapest way to get around the city, so during the four days of the MWC 2023 in Barcelona, February 27th until March 2nd, the conference is providing free public transport passes for those attending the event. The pass can be used for the length of the event to travel around anywhere in zone 1 - which is virtually the entire built-up area of the city - as well as a trip to the airport. You can collect your pass at the Fira Gran Via South and North entrance between 9 am and 8 pm on February 25th until March 1st. If those times do not work, they will also be giving them out on March 2 from 9 am until 4 pm. 

Schedule of the Barcelona metro and FGC train during the MWC 2023

During the days of the MWC 2023, the Barcelona metro starts running at 5am and closes at midnight. This should not be a problem for those attending the events, as the sessions end before 8 pm, leaving plenty of time to use the metro to travel around the city. When travelling by metro, there are three stops that are walkable from the Fira Gran Via venue (Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat). If you are headed to the South entrance or halls 1 to 5, the closest stations are these two on Line 9S: either Europa Fira station or Fira station. If you want to go to the North entrance or 4YFN in hall 8, you can again get off at Fira on Line 9S, or else use the Foc station on Line 10S.

The FGC local train is another mode of public transport covered under the public transport pass. If your lodging is close to Plaça Espanya, you can take any FGC train at the Plaça Espanya station, ride the train for about 7 minutes and get off at the Europa/Fira station to access the South entrance.  

Taxis in Barcelona for the MWC 2023, buses and hotel shuttle

If public transport is not your thing, there are taxis: yellow and black cabs can be hailed anywhere in the city, but at the venue MWC 2023 is operating taxi ranks at both the North and South entrances throughout the week. Monday through Wednesday, the ranks will be open from 9am until 8pm, and on Thursday, from 9am until 5pm because the sessions end earlier in the day. The ranks will also be open the Sunday before the event from 5pm until 9pm. Alternative taxi services (such as Cabify and others) will also be more available during the congress, thanks to a temporary agreement allowing them to extend their services to meet the demand.

The MWC also has a direct bus that takes guests directly between Fira Gran Via and Plaça Espanya during the event days. On Monday through Wednesday, it operates from 8am until 8pm, and on Thursday, it operates from 8am until 4pm. The bus stop at Fira Gran Via is located near the North entrance at Carrer Alumini. It has close access to 4YFN in hall 8. In Plaça Espanya, the bus stop is on Av. R. Maria de Cristina, close to the Venetian Towers

The Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), the industry organization putting on MWC 2023, is offering complimentary hotel shuttle buses during the event days for certain hotels with less access to public transport. You can check out their website to see the hotel routes. The hotel shuttle bus will drop guests off near of South entrance of the venue. 

Private buses and car parking options for MWC 2023 

For those interested in a private form of transport, near the South entrance, there is an area designated for any private buses to drop off and pick up guests on Carrer Salvador Espriu. This is more of a luxury transport option, so MWC has an official transport partner they recommend booking through. They can be contacted by email transportmwcb@bnetwork.com. 

Of course, if you have access to a car, that is always a possible transport option. There are 4 covered parking lots, all located around the entrances of Fira Gran Via, so there is easy walking access to the venue. The MWC wanted to make it as easy as possible for guests to get around Barcelona and access the venue, so they provided a range of public transport options that are easy and affordable.