Once you arrive in Catalonia, a curious question could appear in your thoughts: do you tip in Barcelona? Whether it be in a restaurant or with a tour guide, learn the basics of how to tip in Barcelona. When travelling to a new country or city, it can be hard to know what is expected when it comes to tipping etiquette. Every country follows different tipping guidelines, so it is important to know what is expected, so you are not disrespectful or tipping too much. In Barcelona, tipping customs are very different from countries like the US, where tipping is almost always expected, and can reach up to 20% for good service. Read more, so you are prepared for Barcelona's typical tipping trends

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Do you tip in Barcelona?: general recommendations on how to tip

One of the first things to know in regard to tipping in Barcelona is the word propina is used in Spanish and Catalan when referring to a tip. This is helpful to know if you are looking at a receipt or restaurant sign to see if a tip is included in the bill. Another important thing to know is tips are almost always paid in cash. It is very rare to see a tip line on a receipt like you would in the US when you are paying your bill. It is beneficial to always carry around some euro coins to tip or pay for small bills. Also, in Barcelona, the tipping expectations are not as defined. Most Barcelona residents actually rarely tip. A lot of tipping in Barcelona is based on your own discretion, but it can be helpful to have some guidelines. 

Tipping in Barcelona restaurants

One of the most common questions regarding tipping in Barcelona is: When and how much do I tip at a restaurant? In the US, one of the most common times to tip is at a restaurant. Rarely do you not tip, unless the service was absolutely horrible. While this is a norm in the US, in Barcelona, it is actually not as popular to tip at a restaurant. Unlike the US, restaurant workers are paid a decent wage and do not rely on tips, however the cost of living in Barcelona is very high, so tipping is always appreciated. Tipping at restaurants varies on your own personal experience, but if you had really good service, a 5% tip is recommended. If you want to reward your server for exceptional service, a 10% tip is appreciated. 

Guidelines to tipping in Barcelona bars and cafés

Bars and cafés are often frequented in Barcelona. It is typical for many people to stop at a café for a quick coffee and croissant, or a bar for a glass of wine or vermut. When you are stopping for a quick drink and a snack, tipping is not always expected. It is nice to leave a euro or two, but for these small purchases, it is not necessary. Only if you had excellent service and were attended too quickly, then you are welcome to leave a couple coins. Again, this is up to your own discretion, but tipping is always valued and will make you stand out if you plan to visit this café or bar again. 

Tipping for Barcelona door to door delivery 

Whether it be a fresh meal, groceries or another service, door to door delivery is very common in Barcelona. It is best practice to tip the delivery person between 2 and 5 euros, depending on the service quality. This could vary if they deliver the product in a timely manner or how they accommodate for any possible mistakes. But when it comes to door to door delivery in Barcelona, your delivery person will greatly appreciate a tip. 

Tipping for taxi rides in Barcelona 

In the US, it is also typical to tip taxi drivers or other public transport drivers. In Barcelona, it is not seen as necessary to tip your taxi or Cabify drivers, but if your driver is very friendly and helpful, it is admirable to leave a small tip. Also, if the taxi ride happens to be a longer distance such as from the Barcelona airport to the downtown, it is seen as respectful to leave a tip for all of their help. 

When to tip private tour guides

Since tour guides and other workers in the tourism industry make a seasonal salary, it is polite to give them a tip for a job well done. They require a lot of background knowledge to give travellers the most informational experience possible. For those guides who provide interesting and personalized experiences, especially with larger groups, it is admirable to tip around 5 to 10 euros. But, again, this is about your own personal feeling surrounding the tour.

Best practices tipping at hotels in Barcelona

Tipping at hotels in Barcelona really varies based on the quality and prestige of the hotel. Some higher-end hotels will include the tip in the bill, and it will be expected to leave a 10 to 15% tip. This includes tipping the concierge, cleaning staff and bellhop. Although it is not as expected to tip at lower-end hotels, it is still a respectful show of appreciation, and the staff will likely give you better care and service. 

While there are many aspects to consider when tipping in Barcelona, these guidelines detail the basic tipping etiquette, so you are prepared for your next time in Barcelona.