It is time to pull out that “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirt that has been collecting dust in the closet because Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 in Barcelona is here. Although the holiday is not as celebrated in Barcelona, there is still a huge Irish population and many popular Irish pubs for the true Saint Patrick’s experience. Learn about all of the ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Barcelona so you can put on those green top hats and four-leaf clover glasses and enjoy this famous Irish holiday with some Guinness!

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Best Irish pubs in Barcelona to visit on Saint Patrick’s Day 2023

Barcelona is full of Irish pubs, perfect for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day 2023. There are smaller pubs that have a more traditional atmosphere, as well as more lively options for those who are looking for a wild night. These are some of the highest-recommended Irish pubs in Barcelona to make your Saint Patrick’s Day special. 

The Old Irish Pub

For a mix of a pub and club atmosphere, check out The Old Irish Pub (Rambla dels Caputxins, 31). As one of the biggest pub chains in Northern Europe, it is a well-known establishment that strives to create a quality pub experience for the more mature audience. The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona will sometimes have live music artists, but they also play music from the 80s and 90s, so there is always a reason to enjoy their dance floor. They call themselves the home away from home, perfect for enjoying a traditional Irish experience on Saint Patrick’s Day 2023

Dunne’s Irish Bar and Steakhouse

With charming wooden features from the floor to ceiling and Irish prints, photos and jerseys aligning the walls, Dunne’s Irish Bar (Via Laietana, 19) provides a warm and comforting pub experience. They are a place where people can come to enjoy a calmer night playing pool or chatting over a cold Guinness. They also serve classic Irish dishes such as shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash, for an authentic Irish dining experience during Saint Patrick's Day 2023

Flaherty’s Irish Bar

To celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 the Irish way, check out Flaherty’s Irish Bar (Plaça de Joaquim Xirau) to enjoy live sports, a game of pool and some well-loved pub food and drinks. Flaherty’s has more of a traditional pub atmosphere, with wooden fixtures and antique Irish signs and plaques on the walls. There is also no better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than enjoying Flaherty’s 3-liter beer tower or their traditional recipe Irish coffee.

Temple Bar

Too hard to travel across the pond to Ireland for Saint Patrick’s Day 2023? No worries because you can visit Barcelona’s version of the famous Temple Bar (Calle de Ferrán, 6). From fish and chips and beer on tap to sports viewing in a homey atmosphere of wooden and gold finishings, Temple Bar has all you need. Temple Bar also hosts a Saint Patrick’s Day night where they decorate the entire bar and give out fun gifts to commemorate the holiday.  

Organized Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 pub crawl experience 

If Saint Patrick’s Day is your favorite holiday, and you want to have a wild time enjoying some of the best Irish bars in the city, there are Barcelona pub crawls so the party does not have to stop as you make your way across the city, one Irish pub at a time. 

Barcelona’s #1 Pub Crawl by E-VOLVE

With access to 4 of the most acclaimed bars and pubs in Barcelona, E-VOLVE’s Saint Patrick’s Day pub crawl is a great way to meet other international people while exploring different bars in Barcelona without the entry fees. The pub crawl also includes welcome tequila shots in each bar and a 1-hour beer open bar in one of the pubs. There will also be discount rates and drinking games during the walk between each location. This pub crawl is directed toward a young crowd of Erasmus students, au-pairs and vacationers, but all are welcome. 

Where to listen to live Irish music in Barcelona on Saint Patrick’s Day 2023

Although many of the pubs in Barcelona will have some live Irish music on Saint Patrick’s Day 2023, there are also many other venues hosting Irish bands you can listen to while enjoying a pint or dancing around in your green and gold. 

Conrad Freeman

Throw on your shamrock shirt and head out to the Generator Hostel in the Barcelona city center to see the Conrad Freeman Band perform Dirty Rock Blues live. The music will start at 8pm and go until 1am, giving you plenty of time to hear your favorite punk rock songs. Tickets are free, but a €5 donation to the band is appreciated. 

Seven Drunken Knights

It must be the luck of the Irish that there is also a Seven Drunken Knights concert the day after Saint Patrick’s Day 2023, so the celebration never has to stop. The concert will take place at 6pm at the Torre de la Sagrera in Barcelona, an outdoor space with lots of room for dancing and festivities.