While this is not Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory where the streets are constructed of chocolate, Barcelona has its own take on a chocolate street that is less messy but just as delicious. Carrer Petritxol on first glance seems like just another narrow twisting street full of shops and cafés. But it is actually one of the most famous streets in Barcelona, known for its delicious and authentic hot chocolate. Carrer Petritxol is a necessary Barcelona stop for all chocolate lovers.

The history and importance of Carrer Petritxol

Carrer Petritxol is not only full of rich chocolate but also has a rich history. Existing for over 500 years, there have been many retellings and debates over the true history of this street. One thing we know for sure is Carrer Petritxol is located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the oldest part of the city, across the Plaça del Pi and the famous Santa Maria del Pi basilica. Some say that Carrer Petritxol was created when Spain was under Muslim rule as a way for Christians to get a direct path to the only church at the time. When it comes to the name Petritxol, there is also confusion if it was named after a man who lived on the street and owned a lot of the property, or if it comes from the root of a Catalan word. Although its origins are debated, it is recognized today for its hot chocolate, as well as its artistic significance. Many famous artists have either lived or worked on Carrer Petritxol, and there are commemorative plaques on the walls recognizing some of these famous Catalan artists. Also, the street is filled with many art galleries, jewelry and sculpture shops. 

Best places to get hot chocolate on Carrer Petritxol

There are so many places all along Carrer Petritxol to find some amazing hot chocolate and other traditional Catalan desserts. To help make your decision easier, check out some of our recommendations, known for having the best hot chocolate on Carrer Petritxol!

Granja Dulcinea

Started in 1941, Granja Dulcinea is a chocolate shop with lots of history. It is fairly quaint on the inside, adding to the homey atmosphere that looks straight out of the 40s, protected with the passage of time. It is known for its delicious hot chocolate that pairs beautifully with the warm crisp of the churros. They also serve hot chocolate with whipped cream to drink, as well as other Catalan specialties like crema catalana

Petritxol Xocoa

For over 20 years, Petritxol Xocoa has been dedicated to making some of the best chocolate in Barcelona. While they are known for their cups of hot chocolate and cream served with churros, they also have a wide variety of boxed chocolates, homemade cakes and special Easter chocolates. In the summer, their orxata, a sweet, milky drink made of ground up tiger nuts, is a very popular item. With this wide variety of chocolate and sweets, everyone will leave Petritxol Xocoa satisfied. 

Granja La Pallaresa

Visit Granja La Pallaresa for a traditional churros and chocolate experience from a business that has been around since 1947. Known for their hot chocolate, especially the chocolate suizo with unsweetened whipped cream on top, Granja La Pallaresa is frequented by many locals and tourists. They pride themselves on teaching the public how to enjoy a cup of chocolate, along with many of their other popular products such as mel i mató and arroz con leche. Definitely worth the visit.