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Even if the circle of Operation Catalonia had been closing around Mariano Rajoy, it is still depressing and worrying to learn through documents and audios that the then-prime minister of Spain was behind the largest illegal operation launched under Spanish democracy against the independence movement. It is painful because in democratic terms it is thoroughly unacceptable that he participated in an action of this nature, using public resources and without any judicial authorization. It took place through the so-called 'patriotic police', of whom it has now also been confirmed that they were not a group of officers willing to save Spain, but one level of a government plot to destroy political careers, eliminate parties, sow terror among civil society and randomly persecute anyone who might fit a certain ideological profile. The information we published this Monday is devastating and has to have consequences.

The gravity of the facts is enormous, since in politics, not everything goes. So far, the public prosecutors have not intervened, the judiciary has looked the other way and this kind of license to attack that the PP and PSOE have granted each other to help in these situations must end. The parliamentary commission of inquiry agreed for this purpose in the Congress of Deputies must not be, not even remotely, restrictive in the appearances that are approved and must make clear its will to take the matter to its ultimate conclusions. The Socialists must take a step forward and translate into action the words of prime minister Pedro Sánchez, who, referring to the secret papers that we have published in this newspaper and the audios that incriminate Rajoy, has stated that it is necessary to reach the final consequences and clarify one of the areas that he himself defined as one of the most regrettable and shameful in the history of Spain.

The irregularities of the Spanish state against the independence movement were so numerous that the amnesty law is fully justified

Welcome to the club of those who for years have been raising the flag to denounce the political plot behind Operation Catalonia, even if it is late and due to political needs. Late, because for a long time there has been much more than just evidence on this, and the political needs are more than obvious, since these revelations are also a lever to convey to public opinion that the Spanish state's irregular activities against the independence movement were so numerous that the amnesty law is fully justified. Someone commented this Monday in an ironic tone, but perhaps it's not so ironic, that in the end Mariano Rajoy and his interior ministry will be among those who will have to take advantage of the amnesty law if in the end all his illegal activity is able to be set down on paper.

The silence of Alberto Núñez Feijóo's People's Party, once Pandora's box was opened, is unjustifiable. Because the uncomfortable question for the conservatives is whether they endorse this way of behaving and are willing to place themselves outside the law. In these kinds of issues there is no middle ground, unless they want to cover up the rottenness of that recent period and avoid taking it to its end. Finally, it is up to the Spanish government to step forward and provide any documentation it may know of that appears in its archives and is classified. If the government of Spain rows in the same direction as the pro-independence people affected, I am sure that we will end up uncovering some important facts. Because no state is strengthened outside the law, as some have wanted to make people think during these years with their false patriotic proclamations.