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Pau Donés (born in Barcelona, 1966), the singer, guitarist, composer and vocalist of Jarabe de Palo, died today in Barcelona at the age of fifty-three, a victim of cancer. From the arrival on the scene of Jarabe de Palo in the late 90s, the musician rose to fame both nationally and internationally, winning prizes including the Ondas Awards in 1997 and two Latin Grammy nominations in 2011.


Family message informing of the death of Pau Donés from cancer and giving thanks to medical staff.  

Pau Donés' voice will always be remembered for such hits as La Flaca and Depende, songs which have filled Spanish dance floors for decades. The group's breakthrough came through a cigarette commercial - an advertising campaign for the Ducados brand of cigarettes, with the slogan "Latin Character", in the spring of 1997. From there they rose to become one of the most emblematic groups in Spain, often unbeatable in their catchy, gutsy Latin rock sound.

Here are five of the most memorable from Jarabe de Palo. RIP, Pau Donés.

1. La flaca

2. Depende

3. Agua

4. El lado oscuro

5. Bonito