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Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino delighted 1,500 people last Sunday in Barcelona at the presentation of his book Cinema Speculation (Columna, 2023) at the city's Coliseum Theatre. The director of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood spoke about the films that marked him during his childhood and youth and that made him fall in love with the world of celluloid. It was a movie masterclass explained with the director's usual energy, humour and enthusiasm and also a tribute to all those who led him onto his own particular cinematic path. However, the American director didn't just visit Barcelona city that Sunday. Earlier that day, which was Easter Day, he took a trip to the outskirts of town, specifically to the suburb of Mollet del Vallès, a visit which he was obliged to make because of a dental emergency, as the local radio station Ràdio Mollet reported.

Quentin Tarantino, brought to Mollet del Vallès by a dental problem

Just a few hours before the 60-year-old director's big presentation at the Coliseum, he found himself with an unexpected development: a tooth problem. And on a day when the vast majority of dental surgeries are closed, he asked his hotel for advice on where he could get the help he needed. Those responsible for his accommodation consulted Dr Víctor Serra, a dentist specializing in implantology and oral rehabilitation, who runs an aesthetic dental clinic in Mollet del Vallès, just beyond Barcelona city limits. As the dental specialist explained to Ràdio Mollet, upon learning of his need, and taking into account who he was and the commitment he had to fulfill that day, he decided to solve the problem. So, although the surgery is normally closed on weekends, he made an exception and opened for a few hours on Sunday morning, in the middle of Easter.

Dr Serra also explained on the radio that the director made a "Hollywood" entrance. "He parked a big car in front of the clinic, came in with his security person with the secretary... very Hollywood." The dentist remedied the problem and later that day the director was able to step out as planned before the expectant audience at the Coliseum.