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It had to happen. The scandals of Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos, fourth in line to the Spanish throne, have exhausted the patience of the Bourbon household and the Zarzuela palace down to the last footman. And drastic measures have had to be taken to put an end to the endless debauchery of king Felipe VI's nephew. At least, getting him away from Spain, the press and the public eye. In fact, it has turned out, 7,500 kilometres away, to a destination that has turned into the favourite hideout of the Spanish royal family: the United Arab Emirates. A country like a magic carpet: roll it out, and you can magically cover over all your embarrassing dirt. Juan Carlos I, the king emeritus, knows this very well.

The emeritus has just spent his third consecutive birthday in Abu Dhabi, despite his efforts, desires and threats to return to Spain. Not even the helping hand he received from the courts, nor the tax regularizations in extremis with the Spanish Treasury have worked a miracle. He's like a bad smell who is not wanted around, so he's better out in the fresh air. And since his return to Spain is still a mirage, he has made a move himself. Juan Carlos has left the luxury residence where his pal the Emir allowed him to set up camp, and has now moved into a new house. A home of his own where he will not be questioned, he will not be viewed with suspicion, and will not be made fun of. What the former Spanish head of state might not have imagined was that his new nest would come with a surprise. With company, to be more precise. Now he will have his beloved grandson Froilán at home, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, in the bathroom or watching TV. Just as caged as he is, just as "exiled" as he is. Better said: both have now been banished.

juan carlos en abu dhabi
Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi / XX.SS.

Elena forces Froilán to leave Spain to cover up his scandals

And all because the infanta Elena, as the magazine Lecturas has revealed in a veritable royal bombshellhas forced her son to move to Abu Dhabi and live with his grandfather. His mother has had enough of waking up every day in fear of new devastating headlines provoked by the conflicted lifestyle of the 24-year-old. Debauchery, fights, knives, blood, bodyguard trouble, car accidents, alleged kidnapping attempts, shootings around him... NOT sustainable. And what's worse, there's nothing to balance the scales. No positive action, no hint of setting an example, nothing. Neither mamá nor the Zarzuela can take it any longer. There is only the only tried and true remedy: send him far, far away. 

Froilán de noche Europa Press
Froilán, the prince (dethroned and banished) of the Madrid night / Europa Press

Froilán doesn't like it, but he has to lump it

The magazine explains how Froilán took the decision: he didn't like it one iota. But since he's acting like a spoilt brat and not a 24-year-old adult, he doesn't have anything to say about it either. "They haven't given him the option to discuss it." Off you go, squire! On your bike! He's leaving without a return ticket, although they stress that the measure is temporary. Perhaps as temporary as his grandfather's. Anyway, the fallen prince of the Madrid night has communicated the news to his friends and colleagues, who organized a massive party to boost his morale. Incorrigible. In any case, we can see what's coming: life in the Emirates is very different. We'll see how he manages to keep the party going.

joan carles froilan GTRES
Juan Carlos and Froilán, roomies / GTRES

There's just one question: will this exclusive be like the one "Victoria Federica leaves with her grandmother to live in the Zarzuela", published by the same magazine, and which was immediately denied? For the sake of monarchical interests and of mummy Elena herself, one would hope not. Of course, the rest of us mortals will miss the show when he's gone. We'll have to get by with just the entertainment from sister Vic.