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There is no longer any way to hide the grave problems in the marriage of Felipe and Letizia. The latest moves have made clear that the relationship is completely broken. The specialized royal watchers are once again talking about a possible and imminent divorce between the Spanish king and queen. In recent months the monarchs have shown serious distancing, and even in their joint appearances, the complicity between them is conspicuous by its absence. At the tribute to the victims of the fire in València, they arrived separately and were very awkward next to each other. Recently, the queen accompanied her husband to the funeral home to his cousin Fernando Gómez-Acebo, but did not attend the burial. A gesture that attracted a lot of comments. Her relationship with the entire Bourbon family is practically non-existent.

Letizia i Felip VI en la missa funeral de Fernando Gómez Acebo / GTRES
Letizia and Felipe VI at the funeral mass for Fernando Gómez Acebo / GTRES

It was twelve years ago, in 2012, that Felipe and Letizia faced a major crisis. Apparently caused by the problems of the Spanish crown, with the misdeeds of the then-king Juan Carlos exposed and the infamous Nóos corruption case that ended with Iñaki Urdangarin in prison and his then-wife, the infanta Cristina, herself facing accusations. Shame and scandal. However, all of this was not the real reason. According to Jaime del Burgo, who broke his silence a decade later and after being missing for five years, the queen was unfaithful to the king with him for several years. It was at the end of 2012 that they were discovered. The father of Leonor and Sofia felt totally let down by the mother of his daughters. He does not tolerate lying, nor does he forgive it. That is why they have never been able to remedy their situation.

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Felipe and Letizia, living separately since 2012

They were one step away from divorce, but it would have been an affair of state, and especially in that period. For this reason they opted for the same model as Juan Carlos and Sofia, as well as other monarchies: an end to cohabitation. In front of the cameras, everything was perfect. However, once they arrive at the Zarzuela palace, they each sleep in a different room, and avoid each other in the corridors. They don't even have lunch or dinner at the same time. Felipe spends a lot of time in the Zarzuela with his mother, while the queen locks herself in her room or her office.

Since Leonor and Sofia don't live at home, their lives have become more monotonous and they no longer have to maintain the charade. The girls are grown up now, the princess is 18, and the infanta is 16. There's no need to hide anything from them. A couple of months ago, Felipe sat down with his daughters and told them the whole truth. Their parents are separated. They no longer love each other, all that keeps them together is the crown and the two of them.

Leonor, Felipe, Letizia i Sofia GTRES
Leonor, Felipe and Letizia / GTRES

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