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The Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Committees of the Slovenian Parliament have passed a motion supporting the universal right of self-determination for peoples, condemning violence against the civil population and encouraging efforts to find a negotiated solution between Catalonia and Spain.

The news was shared by a number of Catalan politicians, including the Catalan government's delegate to Slovenia, Adam Casals, and Alfred Bosch of ERC (Catalan Republican Left):

Translation: Slovenian Parliament Foreign and European Affairs Committees pass motion, condemns violence, in favour of right to self-determination, for dialogue solution between Catalonia and Spain.

The Slovenian Parliament has just passed a resolution in favour of self-determination and a negotiated solution between Catalonia and Spain.

For his part, the former Foreign Affairs Minister of Slovenia, Ivo Vajgl, said on Wednesday that Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy's response to the Catalan issue, opening the door to revoking Catalan autonomy via article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, isn't "the correct way" to respond. "You can't ignore the reality, you can't make yourself ignorant of the essence of the problem," he said. According to Vajgl, now an MEP,  Madrid "is making a mistake rejecting dialogue and using the language of humiliation".