Avui fa dos-cents anys de la mort de Jane Austen i, per reeditar el seu clàssic Mansfield Park, Folio Society ha convocat un concurs internacional per a estudiants, que ha guanyat Darya Shnykina, de la Universitat de disseny de Moscou.

T'oferim la il·ustració guanyadora i les millors finalistes, totes elles acompanyades d'una cita de la novel·la que il·lustra les peripècies de Fanny Price, un dels personatges més tristos de l'autora. 

1.Marsha Balaeva, UK


'Afraid of everybody, ashamed of herself and longing for the home she had left, she knew not to look up and could scarcely speak to be heard, or without crying'.


2. Katie Ponder, UK


‘Nobody meant to be unkind, but nobody put themselves out of their way to secure her comfort.’


3. Alexandru Savescu, UK


‘It was a sound which did not make her cheerful; she wondered that Edmund should forget her, and felt a pang.’


4. Meizhen Xu, UK


‘It was Fanny’s first ball, though without the preparation or splendour of many a young lady’s first ball.’


5.Nora Dåsnes, Noruega 


‘She was a great deal too much frightened to have any enjoyment, till she could suppose herself no longer looked at.’


6. Kathrin Lang, Alemanya. 



‘The misery of the girl when he left her.’

7. Darya Shnykina, Rússia  (il·lustració guanyadora) 


‘“I hope she will not tease my poor pug,” said Lady Bertram; “I have but just got Julia to leave it alone".